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What is the CS Form No. 100?

The Civil Service Commission’s revised CS Form No. 100, released in September 2016, is a two-page application form for individuals interested in taking the Philippine Civil Service Exams. This two-page form acts as an application for the Civil Service Exams, a mandatory test for various government positions. It’s important to note that the form itself is free to reproduce (not for sale) and can be downloaded from the CSC website or reproduced from other sources like this website.

Filling out the CS Form No. 100 requires detailed information from the applicant. The first page focuses on personal data such as name, age, sex, and contact details. It also delves into educational background, requiring details on degrees earned, schools attended, government exams passed, CS eligibility, employment history and inclusive dates of attendance. The second page shows the admission and application requirements, exam reminders and signatories. The declaration of oath, certifying that the information given are true, is also located at the last page.


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This form can be used in the following examinations:

  • Career Service Examination – Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT) 
  • Career Service Examination – Computerized Exam (COMEX) 
  • Career Service Examination for Foreign Service Officer (CSE-FSO)
  • Fire Officer Examination (FOE)
  • Penology Officer Examination (POE) 
  • Basic Competency on Local Treasury Exam (BCLTE)

2024 Civil Service Exam Schedule

Title of Examination Date of Examination Application Period Target Release of Results
From To
CSE-FSO January 28, 2024 September 18, 2028 October 20, 2023 March 10, 2024
CSE-PPT March 3, 2024 November 20, 2023 January 3, 2024 May 12, 2024
FOE June 2, 2024 March 4, 2024 April 3, 2024 July 14, 2024
POE June 2, 2024 March 4, 2024 April 3, 2024 July 14, 2024
BCTLE June 2, 2024 March 4, 2024 April 3, 2024 July 14, 2024
CSE-PPT August 11, 2024 May 13, 2024 June 13, 2024 October 20, 2024

Modes of Taking the Civil Service Exam

There are two options for taking the CSE:

  • Pen-And-Paper Test (PPT) is the traditional way of taking the test, in which you have to shade circles using a black ballpoint pen. This test costs ₱500, and the results come out 60 days after the exam.
  • Computerized Examination (COMEX) lets you take the exam on a computer at your registered CSC testing center. While this option is on the pricier side compared to the PPT (requiring a ₱680 fee), the exam results can be expected a week after taking the examination.

What are the Qualifications?

Who are allowed to apply?

  • Filipino Citizen, at least 18 years old, and of good moral character.
  • Has no criminal record, or has not been convicted by final judgment of an offense or crime involving moral turpitude.
  • Has not been dishonorably discharged from military service, or dismissed for cause from any civilian position in the government.
  • Has not taken the same level of career service examination within three (3) months from the last examination taken.

Important Note:

  • You can apply regardless of your educational attainment as long as you meet the qualifications above.

Examination Coverage

The following topics were covered in the March 2023 CSE-PPT for both Professional and Subprofessional levels:

1. Professional Level – In English and Filipino

  • Numerical Ability (Basic Operations; Word Problems)
  • Analytical Ability (Word Association – identifying assumptions and conclusions; Logic; Data Interpretation)
  • Verbal Ability (Grammar and Correct Usage; Vocabulary; Paragraph Organization; Reading Comprehension)

2. Subprofessional Level – In English and Filipino

  • Numerical Ability (Basic Operations; Word Problems)
  • Clerical Ability (Filing; Spelling)
  • Verbal Ability (Grammar and Correct Usage; Vocabulary; Paragraph Organization; Reading Comprehension)

The general information items on the following: Philippine Constitution; Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees (R.A. 6713); Peace and Human Rights Issues and Concepts; and Environment Management and Protection are also included for both professional and sub-professional exams. (Source: Civil Service Commission)

Number of Items

  • For Professional level, 170 items in a 3 hours and 10 minutes time will be given
  • For Sub-Professional level, 165 items in a 2 hours and 40 minutes time

The applicant is advised by the Commission to come at the examination center one hour before the test proper.

Passing Score

To pass the examination, the examinee must get an overall score of 80.00%.

Professional – Exam Statistics & Passing Rate

Here is the summary of Civil Service Exam Results in previous years:

Exam Date No. of Examinees No. of Passers Passing Rate
August 2023 345,194 64,635 18.72%
March 2023 381,607 64,420 16.88%
August 2022 138,671 26,307 18.97%
June 2022 129,117 20,996 16.26%
March 2022 70,833 12,179 17.19%
March 2019 264,473 27,944 10.57%
March 2018 279,787 30,175 10.78%
August 2017 228,917 25,127 10.98%
March 2017 219,679 25,090 11.42%
October 2016 203,339 22,978 11.30%
April 2016 229,463 25,276 11.00%
October 2015 119,333 13,152 11.02%


Civil Service Eligibility

The scheduled Career Service Examination Pen and Paper Tests are for applicants who aren’t eligible yet and want to apply for permanent position or a promotion. The eligibility exams also give opportunities to employees under job order and contract of service.

As per CSC, The professional eligibility is needed for appointment to second level (technical) positions in the government, requiring at least a bachelor’s degree for education. The Subprofessional eligibility is applicable to first level (clerical) government positions that require less than four years of college studies. The Professional eligibility may also be used for clerical positions. Both eligibilities, though, cannot be used for positions involving practice of profession and those covered by special laws.

CSC’s regular conduct of the Career Service Exam, Pen and Paper Test (CSE-PPT), both for Prof and Subprof levels are scheduled twice a year to cater the growing number of examinees.

The CSE-PPT examination aims to establish a Register of Eligibles (RoE) from which certification and appointment to first and second-level positions in the civil service, except those involving the practice of the profession and are covered by special laws, shall be made, provided the eligibles meet the qualifications and other requirements of the positions.

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