“Managing all work loads, school works, board exam review & family.”




The recently concluded Licensure Examination for Professional Teachers that was held last September 24, 2023 has provided me a validation that online education or distance education can also produce the same quality of students as those who were in traditional school.

I obtained both my BS in Business Administration major in Management Information System in 2020 and Master in Business Administration in 2021 through AMA University Online Education (OEd). It is no secret that there’s this stigma that online education is not as effective as those who took the traditional schooling face-to-face, online schools are often stereotyped to be a go-to place of those who may not really excel in actual school works.

I further my studies and took Professional Teaching Certificate through University of the Philippines – Open University which I completed in 2023, another remote learning, which made me eligible to take the LEPT. While enrolled in the review center as I prepare for the licensure exam in September 2023, I am also enrolled to another remote learning program, aiming to earn my 2nd master’s degree, Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management, through Pangasinan State University – Open University System.

I have been working in the Corporate Learning & Development field for the past 10 years, half of which as an Instructional Designer/E-Learning Developer, and currently I work as an L&D Manager. While managing all my work load, school works, reviewing for the board exam, and attending to family matters with my wife and 2 kids is obviously not an easy feat. I managed to succeed and pass the LEPT.

I believe that regardless of how we attend the school and how the learning is delivered, it is ultimately up to ourselves whether we achieve our dreams or not. Online Education or Distance Education could also be as effective as the traditional schools with proper discipline, mindset, and time management.

This is Jogen Paolo L. Atienza, LPT, MBA, MAEd(c), and I am a proud product of online education. Thank you!


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