“I arrived at the examination venue at exactly 3:00 AM.”




“No pressure at all.” The line that I kept telling myself and other people all throughout this journey. I’ve always been calm since I started my review. I did not let any doubts enter my system. I just enjoyed every inch of this journey. I don’t want to pressure myself because I know if I put too much pressure, I will be bothered and loose my motivation to pass the licensure examination. Yes I got nervous but at the same time I felt excited. I was even smiling while travelling to Tacloban, already imagining my success.

I can still recall what happened on the day of the big quiz, and I really felt that God was with me.

The night before, I prepared the clothes that I will be wearing in taking the exam, I also prepared the things that I will be bringing, then I took a bath. I slept at around 11PM. I know it’s late but my excitement is keeping me up. I woke up at 2:30 AM. I prepared myself, wore the “exam clothes”, double checked everything, and before I left the lodge, I prayed. I prayed for protection, wisdom, and a peace of mind. Then right after I pray, I felt so calm. I went out of the lodge without having the fear of encountering bad things that might happen.

I arrived at the examination venue at exactly 3:00 AM. Yes, I arrived that early. I was even the first one to arrive. I just sat down in the waiting shed and waited for the others to come. When we entered the school, I immediately went to our assigned room. I can really see that my co-takers are nervous. Of course I am not invalidating that feeling because it’s a really big day for us and almost all of us are first time takers, there are also re-takers. But I just know that I was so calm all throughout the day. I finished the exam so early, I think I got out of the school at around 4:30 PM, that’s 2 hours earlier than the time that was expected for us to finish the majorship exam. But I felt confident that I will pass the exam even before I took our majorship. I know it may sound “mayabang” but it is true. You can actually feel that you will pass the exam even before you finish it.

To those who did not make it, just keep on trying. This season may not be yours yet but don’t give up. Just put all your trust to God and let Him direct your path to success. It may take a very long time but your season will come. Life is not a race, we are not here to compete, but we are here to lift each other up.

To those who aspires to become a licensed professional in any field, never pressure yourself. Just enjoy every moment, make it special. You have your own unique journey to success, just be true to yourself and always put God first before anything else.

Tuazon, Mark Millen P.
Bachelor of Physical Education
Samar State University-Main


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