“I only have one month left to prepare and review for LET.”




“When The Time Is Right I, The Lord Will Make It Happen.” – Isaiah 60:22

Honestly, I don’t have the plan to take the exam because I’m still grieving the loss of my father.

My mind and soul was still in chaos and I’m sure that I cannot give my best if I take the exam but on the last day of filling, I suddenly have the change of mind and I know that was the will of God.

I went to the PRC without any expectation that I will be accommodated but again God is good all the time. I secured a slot.

I only have one month left to prepare and review for LET. It put a lot of pressure especially I have work to prioritize. Self review after the tiring day is draining. I only spent 2 weeks for review and the rest was prayers and faith that if it is for me, then it would be.

All glory belongs to God. I am now a Licensed Professional Teacher.

September 2023 Licensure Exam for Teachers


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