“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”




“If it scares you, it might be a good thing to try.”

Let me share you my experience before taking the LET. On the third week of August 2023, I was apprehensive to apply for the licensure examination because I felt unprepared. At that time, I was still in the process of completing the Campus Student Body Organization (CSBO) paperworks, and Accomplishment Reports in order to finish my clearance, which is why I was still finding it difficult to concentrate on reviewing.

I told my friends “Sa March na lang ata ako magte-take”. They asked me “why?” and I was silent for a while. They just laughed and didn’t believe me (Mahilig kasi ako magjoke sa kanila) and my appointment to PRC is still on August 23 pa. I almost told them the reason that I don’t have consistent review, I hesitated because I felt invalidated.

After 2 days it was our Metacognition Day, I’m still thinking about whether to continue filing or not. During this day I cannot believe myself that I answered many of Sir Carl’s questions correctly. At night, I asked myself “Why not take a chance?”. What I did on the following days was to pray and lift everything to the Lord. Until I finally found the confidence to apply for the examination with my bestfriend (Marc).

I maximized the remaining days to study all the materials before the CBRC PRE-BOARD. Honestly, 4 days na lang before the pre-board. We scanned all the CBRC Books, Handouts and Test Materials together with my friends (Dizon and Marc). We also treated the Pre-board with seriousness following that hurried preparation. When the results were released after more than a week, my bestfriend and I were surprised to find that we had placed in the top 10 for the pre-board exam. That increased my confidence that I could succeed on the board examination.

Unfortunately, I started to feel exhausted and have anxiety attacks two weeks before the exam. I took a break from reviewing for roughly three days, after realizing a certain point where you consistently meet people’s expectations and you are burdened with the thought that you will be seen as a failure. But I told myself “Kaya ko ito”. One week na lang Board Exam na, I studied all of the CBRC test materials in the few days that I had left. I can feel the pressure but still Pray, Pray and Pray ang ginagawa ko and I wasted no time sa review.

The day of our Big Quiz has arrived and I only slept for less than three hours. Before the examination started, I prayed to God whatever the result is, I will accept it wholeheartedly.

After taking the General Education and Professional Education Examination I told myself “Mukhang magpapagawa na ako ng Tarpaulin”😂. I am confident na I will pass the two subjects (sobrang saya ko that time). But when we are about to take our Majorship (Mathematics), before answering I scanned muna lahat and I saw many typographical errors especially there are no symbols in the questions. I was disturbed mentally (mga almost 10 minutes ata).

I asked questions sa proctor namin regarding on the items that is filled with typographical errors kasi it makes the items unsolvable talaga, but sadly nothing was done. I told myself “Bahala na dyan”, I did my best on solving those unsolvable problems (basta pumili na lang ng sagot😂). I finished the exam 30 minutes before the time. I left the room with a sad face. Pagkalabas ko ng building I saw other mathematics majors especially my classmates na umiiyak.

Before going sa Boarding House namin, I went to the Church first in Baguio Cathedral and praying for better and positive results. ⏩⏩

And finally, yesterday was the day that I looked forward. The day that all the challenges, hardships and anxiety will paid off.

In retrospect, I’ve realized that overcoming obstacles requires more than just personal strength. Hence, it’s about surrounding yourself with good people especially with your friends and also you must be in the right circle of friends. Trust the Lord always and give your best shot kasi “Last Board Exam ko/mo na ito”. Magtiwala ka lang din sa sarili mo at isipin mo na kaya mo🫡

Above all, thank you Lord for the early Christmas Gift!🪪🎁

September 2023 Licensure Exam for Teachers


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