“In my first attempt at the LET, I scored 72.40%.”




I come from a large family of ten siblings, and I’m the sixth child. None of my five older siblings finished college, but their experiences motivated me to work hard and complete my studies. I wanted to be an example for my younger siblings and inspire them to follow their dreams.

In my first attempt at the LET, I scored 72.40%. Despite feeling unprepared and being unwell during the exam, I stayed determined. After the exam, I dealt with health issues and spent almost two months in the hospital. I also faced the emotional challenges of losing a close friend early January this year and, in April, my sister.

With encouragement from family, friends, and college teachers, I decided to retake the exam this year. Supportive friends provided study materials, and some suggested a review center to refresh my knowledge post-graduation during the pandemic.

The review process had its difficulties, including overthinking, anxiety, and moments of loneliness. Despite shedding tears while studying, I persisted in pursuing my dreams. I’m grateful to those who supported me morally and financially, lifting me up when I stumbled and cheering me on during lonely moments.

Today, I proudly announce that I, Carlo John Molina Cabatuan, LPT, have overcome every challenge in my life and passed the LET on the second time around.

I keep holding this Word of God “When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.” ― Isaiah 60:22 🙏

Bachelor of Secondary Education
Major in Mathematics

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