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What is the Licensure Examination for Teachers?

The Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) is a standardized exam in the Philippines that measures the competencies and qualifications of individuals who want to become licensed professional teachers. The exam is administered by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) twice a year, usually in March and September.

The LET has two levels: the elementary level, which is intended for those who want to teach in grades 1-6, and the secondary level, which is intended for those who want to teach in high school. The exam covers various subjects, including general education, professional education, and a specialization subject for the secondary level.

Passing the LET is one of the requirements for individuals to obtain a professional teaching license in the Philippines, which is necessary for anyone who wants to teach in public or private schools. The exam is designed to ensure that only qualified and competent individuals are licensed to teach, and to help raise the quality of education in the country.

Next Examination Schedule

Examination Date

Start of Application

Deadline of Application

March 19, 2023

December 12, 2022

February 6, 2023

September 24, 2023

June 23, 2023

August 24, 2023

Who can take the Licensure Examination for Teachers?

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Filipino citizens or aliens whose country has reciprocity with the Philippines as stated by RA No. 7836 as amended by RA 9293.
  • Applicants must be of good moral character and reputation with moral values. Applicants must not be convicted by the court by final judgment for an offense involving moral turpitude.


Enumerated below are the qualifications that are required for candidates who want to become professional teachers in the Philippines:

  • An applicant who aspires to be a professional education teacher must have a BSEEd degree or its equivalent.
  • Similarly, applicants who aim to be licensed secondary education teachers must have a bachelor’s degree in education or its equivalent.
  • All candidates with an equivalent degree must take at least 18 units in Professional Education to qualify.
  • Applicants are qualified to take the exam if they have a bachelor’s degree in arts and sciences with a minimum of ten units in professional education and holders of Early Childhood Education (BECED) degrees.
  • For graduates who want to be licensed teachers in the Philippines to teach vocational and two-year technical courses, a bachelor’s degree in the field of profession or its equivalent is a requirement and must have attained at least 18 units in professional education to be qualified to take the exam.

Requirements for First Timers

After you have verified that you are eligible to take the LET, you must submit your application with the documents listed below.

  • A printed copy of your appointment schedule;
  • Original and photocopy versions of your Transcript of Records (TOR), the seal of the school, date of graduation, with scanned picture and remarks: “For Board Examination Purposes Only”;
  • Original and photocopy versions of your Birth Certificate issued by the PSA;
  • Examination Fee of 900 pesos

For married female applicants, provide the original and photocopy versions of your marriage contract issued by the PSA;

  • Original and photocopy versions of any government-issued ID.
  • Present a photocopy of the SO (Special Order) duly signed the CHED if your school is not exempted from the issuance of SO.

Requirements for Retakers

For applicants re-taking the LET, prepare the following documentary LET exam requirements and submit them to your designated PRC Regional Office on the appointment date:

  • A printed copy of your appointment schedule;
  • Original Notice of Admission (for the previous exam);
  • If the NOA is no longer available, you can present a photocopy of your TOR.

SEE: PRC List of Requirements

Step-by-Step Process for Online Application

A. Prepare the following requirements required by PRC for Online Registration

With No Account
  • Active email address
  • Mobile number
  • Valid ID
  • Personal information, including education, date of graduation, and employment details
  • Recent 2×2 ID photo (in JPG format and plain white background, with the applicant wearing decent attire with a collar)

The next step in your PRC online application is to create an account on the LERIS website. Follow the steps below (B) to set up an LERIS account:

B. Start Creating Your Account via PRC Website (Online Registration Steps)

Registration of Account
Email Validation of New and Existing Account
Signing In & Forgot Password
Filling out Personal Information (1)
Filling out Personal Information (2)
Uploading of Photo
  • Visit the PRC LERIS website and sign up for a new account at
  • From the sign-up page, click Register.
  • Read the terms of service on the right side of the page. From there, you’ll see information on privacy password protection, obligations when registering, forfeiture of fees, and consequences for violations. When you’re done, scroll down and click the I Agree button. 
  • Enter your personal details (under the Registration tab) as indicated in your Notice of Admission (NOA) or PRC ID
  • Enter your email address and password (at least six characters consisting of numbers, letters, and special characters). Type your password again to confirm it.
  • Review your details. Check the box next to I’m not a robot and click the Register button. Note that any wrong information provided may result in expulsion by the PRC. A new pop-out will appear containing all information provided for your review. Confirm everything by clicking the Agree/Confirm button.
  • Log in to your account. Under the Sign In tab, enter your email address and password. Check the box next to I’m not a robot and click the Sign In button.
  • Upon signing in, a notification on advisories will appear. Click OK. 
  • Another prompt on appointment slots will appear. Click Proceed.
  • Provide your details. Click the Profile tab on the left side of the page and input your personal information, contact details, and family background, plus data regarding your education, employment, and on your valid ID. Don’t leave fields with red asterisks blank. When you’re done, click the Save Information button.
  • Upload your photo. Read the photo requirements and click the Proceed button. Click the Choose File button to pick a photo to upload. Lastly, click the Upload Image button.

Now that you have completed your PRC online registration or LERIS online application, you are ready to use the website for your LET application. Read on (C) to learn more about the steps:

C. How to Apply for Board Exam via PRC Online

Taking a licensure examination? Take note of these steps for PRC online registration for a board exam.

Selecting Transaction for Application of Exam
Setting Appointment and Selecting Payment Option (First Timer)
Setting Appointment and Selecting Payment Option (Repeaters)
Click Your Preferred Payment Option
Processing Transaction (1)
Processing Transaction (2)
Processing Transaction (3)
Processing Transaction (4)
Printing Document of Exam Application (First Timer)
Printing NOA of Exam (Repeaters)
  • Sign in to your PRC online account.
  • Click the Select Transaction button on the right side.
  • Click the Examination tab.
  • Choose the name, type, date, and place of examination.
  • Click the Proceed button.
  • Set your PRC online appointment by choosing your preferred PRC regional office. The system will give you an appointment date and time. If you’re okay with the schedule, click the Proceed button. But if you’d like to reschedule your PRC appointment, click the Reschedule button, choose a new appointment date, state your reason for the rescheduling, and click the Confirm button.
  • Your transaction summary will appear on the screen. Click the Submit button to save the transaction.
  • Choose a payment channel and click the Submit button.
  • Review your transaction details and payment summary. Tick the small box underneath to agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Enter your payment details then click Submit.
  • Select the OK button to confirm your payment.
  • Print your payment confirmation slip.
  • Then click the Existing Transaction button on the left side and then print your accomplished PRC Exam Application Form.
  • Affix your signature on the form.

After you’ve completed your PRC online application, go to your preferred PRC regional office or any satellite offices on your scheduled appointment and submit your printed application form along with any other licensure examination requirements.

SEE: PRC Online Service User Guide

LET Coverage

The September 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers (elementary and secondary) will cover the following topics:

General Education (GenEd)

  • English – Study and Thinking Skills, Writing in the Discipline, Speech and Oral Communication, Philippine Literature and Master Works of the World 
  • Filipino – Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Pilipino, Pagbasa at Pagsulat sa Panananaliksik at Masining na Pagpapahayag 
  • Mathematics – Fundamentals of Math, Plane Geometry, Elementary Algebra and Statistics and Probability 
  • Science – Biological Science – General Biology, Physical Science with Earth Science 
  • Social Sciences – Philippine Government New Constitution with Human Rights, Philippine History, Basic Economics, Taxation, Agrarian Reform, Society, Culture with Family Planning; Rizal and other Heroes, Philosophy of Man, Arts, General Psychology and Information and Communication Technology 

Professional Education (ProfEd)

  • Teaching Profession, Social Dimensions of Education 
  • Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology and Curriculum Development 
  • Facilitating Learning, Child and Adolescent Development 
  • Assessment of Student Learning, Developmental Reading 
  • Field Study and Practice Teaching 

Specialized subjects were covered in the examinations for the specialization in English, Filipino, Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Social Studies and Social Sciences, Values Education, MAPEH, Agriculture and Fishery Arts and Technology, and Livelihood Education.

Exam Statistics and Passing Rate

Date of Examination

Total No. of Examinees 

Total No. Passers

Passing Rate

October 2, 2022

Elementary: 91,468

Secondary: 139,534

Overall: 231,002

Elementary: 49,783

Secondary: 71,080 

Overall: 120,863

Elementary: 54.43%

Secondary: 50.94

Overall: 52.32%

June 26, 2022

Elementary: 17,149

Secondary: 20,191

Overall: 37,340

Elementary: 8,667 

Secondary: 10,193

Overall: 18,860

Elementary: 50.54%

Secondary: 50.48%

Overall: 50.51%

March 27, 2022

Elementary: 20,567

Secondary: 18,717

Overall: 39,284

Elementary: 10,039 

Secondary: 7,809 

Overall: 17,848

Elementary: 48.81%

Secondary: 41.72%

Overall: 45.43%

January 30, 2022

Elementary: 15,696

Secondary: 22,454

Overall: 38,150

Elementary: 8,737 

Secondary: 12,074 

Overall: 20,811

Elementary: 55.66%

Secondary: 53.77%

Overall: 54.55%

September 26, 2021

Elementary: 8,726

Secondary: 17,863 

Overall: 26,589

Elementary: 4,883 

Secondary: 10,318 

Overall: 15,201

Elementary: 55.96%

Secondary: 57.76%

Overall: 57.17%

September 29, 2019

Elementary: 92,440

Secondary: 136,523 

Overall: 228,963

Elementary: 28,973 

Secondary: 54,179 

Overall: 83,152

Elementary: 31.34%

Secondary: 39.68%

Overall: 36.32%

March 24, 2019

Elementary: 72,054 

Secondary: 85,823 

Overall: 157,877

Elementary: 19,659 

Secondary: 22,271 

Overall: 41,930

Elementary: 27.28%

Secondary: 25.95%

Overall: 26.56%

September 30, 2018

Elementary: 90,750 

Secondary: 126,582 

Overall: 217,332

Elementary: 18,409

Secondary: 60,803 

Overall: 79,212

Elementary: 20.29%

Secondary: 48.03%

Overall: 36.45%

March 25, 2018

Elementary: 58,323 

Secondary: 76,673 

Overall: 134,996

Elementary: 13,774 

Secondary: 22,936 

Overall: 36,710

Elementary: 23.62%

Secondary: 29.91%

Overall: 27.19%

September 24, 2017

Elementary: 80,509 

Secondary: 107,020 

Overall: 187,529

Elementary: 21,198

Secondary: 49,626 

Overall: 70,824

Elementary: 26.33%

Secondary: 46.37%

Overall: 37.77%

March 26, 2017

Elementary: 53,915 

Secondary: 72,584 

Overall: 126,499

Elementary: 5,600 

Secondary: 18,482 

Overall: 24,082

Elementary: 10.39%

Secondary: 25.46%

Overall: 19.04%

September 25, 2016

Elementary: 77,466 

Secondary: 92,754 

Overall: 170,220

Elementary: 23,378 

Secondary: 31,334 

Overall: 54,712

Elementary: 30.18%

Secondary: 33.78%

Overall: 32.14%

March 20, 2016

Elementary: 42,739 

Secondary: 53,090 

Overall: 95,829

Elementary: 12,128 

Secondary: 18,810 

Overall: 30,938

Elementary: 28.38%

Secondary: 35.43%

Overall: 32.28%

September 27, 2015

Elementary: 68,442 

Secondary: 81,463 

Overall: 149,905

Elementary: 21,461 

Secondary: 34,010 

Overall: 55,471

Elementary: 31.36%

Secondary: 41.75%

Overall: 37.00%

March 29, 2015

Elementary: 44,144 

Secondary: 56,596 

Overall: 100,740

Elementary: 12,103 

Secondary: 17,904 

Overall: 30,007

Elementary: 27.42%

Secondary: 31.63%

Overall: 29.79%

August 17, 2014

Elementary: 70,786 

Secondary: 77,803 

Overall: 148,589

Elementary: 25,301 

Secondary: 26,767 

Overall: 52,068

Elementary: 35.74%

Secondary: 34.40%

Overall: 35.04%

January 26, 2014

Elementary: 38,377 

Secondary: 42,358 

Overall: 80,735

Elementary: 11,120 

Secondary: 12,033 

Overall: 23,153

Elementary: 28.98%

Secondary: 28.41%

Overall: 28.68%

September 29, 2013

Elementary: 62,160 

Secondary: 64,792 

Overall: 126,952

Elementary: 19,384 

Secondary: 25,755 

Overall: 45,139

Elementary: 31.18%

Secondary: 39.75 %

Overall: 35.56%

March 10, 2013

Elementary: 37,117 

Secondary: 38,433 

Overall: 75,550

Elementary: 10,310 

Secondary: 15,223 

Overall: 25,533

Elementary: 27.78%

Secondary: 39.61%

Overall: 33.80%

PRC Regional Offices Contact Information

If you have concerns and you need help from the local PRC Offices, you may want to call them through these numbers:

Regional Offices

Location, Contact Number & Email Address

Licensure Office


National Capital Region (NCR) Office - Manila
P. Paredes St. cor. N. Reyes St.
Sampaloc, Manila


Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) Office - Baguio City
Pine Lake View Building, No. 09 Otek Street
corner Benjamin R. Salvosa Drive,
Bgy. Rizal Monument, 2600 Baguio City
Tel: (074) 661-9105

Region I

Regional Office I - Rosales
Government Center, Pangasinan - Nueva Viscaya Road
Carmay East, 2441 Rosales, Pangasinan
Tel: (075) 649-3798

Region II

Regional Office II - Tuguegarao City
Regional Government Center,
Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Tele/fax: (078) 304-0701
Tele/fax: (078) 304-3703

Region III

Regional Office III - San Fernando City
2nd and 3rd Floor (New) PEO Annex Building
Provincial Capitol Compound, Bgry. Santo Niño
City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Region IV-A

Regional Office IV-A - Lucena City
2nd floor Lucena Grand Central Terminal Bldg.
Ilayang Dupay, Lucena City
Tel:  (042) 373 7305

Region IV-B

Regional Office IV-B - MIMAROPA
4/F Sunnymede IT Center
1614 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
Tel: (02) 8733-1045

Region V

Regional Office V - Legazpi City
Regional Government Center Site
Rawis, Legaspi City 4500
Tel: (052) 481-3079
Fax: (052) 481-3323

Region VI

Regional Office VI - Iloilo City
2nd Floor, Gaisano Iloilo City Center Mall
Benigno Aquino Ave., Mandurriao, Iloilo City
Tel: (033) 329-2730
Tel: (033) 329-2733
Telefax: (033) 329-2410

Region VII

Regional Office VII - Cebu City
HVG Arcade, Subangdaku
Mandaue City, Cebu
Tel: (32) 2535330

Region VIII

Regional Office VIII - Tacloban City
Liceo del Verbo Divino (LVD) Campus, Law Building (former Department of Agrarian Reform - DAR Office)
Tel: (053) 323-9729
Tel: (053) 832-2519
Tel: (053) 832-2520

Region IX

Regional Office IX - Pagadian City
4th Floor, C3 Building, Rizal Avenue
Pagadian City
Tele/fax: (062) 925-0080

Region X

Regional Office X - Cagayan de Oro
Skypark, Limketkai Center
Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental
Tel: 0995-277-8672 / 0909-197-8244

Region XI

Regional Office XI - Davao City
Calamansi St., corner 1st Street
Juna Subdivision 8000
Matina, Davao City
Tel: (082) 234-0006 to 07

Region XII

Regional Office XII - Koronadal
Regional Government Center,
Brgy. Carpenter Hill,
Koronadal City, South Cotabato 9506
Tel: (083) 822-0822, 24 to 27

Region XIII

Regional Office XIII - Butuan City
Robinsons Place Butuan City
Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte
Tel: 09302291575
Tel: (085) 815 0915

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If you have technical concerns with the PRC websites including resetting your password, mismatched record edit, and other related concerns, you may email them at:


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    Hoping for your kind consideration and immediate response. Thank you.

  • Is there a limit on how many people can take the exam? I was told its done by slots so I wanna know if that’s true.

  • i pay already but it appear that im not complied with my application forms because of my major in transcript but i filled it up completely and i have submitted all the requirements in my previous examination application.. i cant have my NOA for my exam because it was not complied.. how could it be happend.

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    Good afternoon.
    I am graduated of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science since 2022.
    Then I earned 36 units at BSED this year…What possible my major in LET exam?
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