Most Common Adjectives In English:

1. How do you do? I’m ______ to meet you.
A) calm
B) lovely
C) pleased
D) helpful
E) lonely

2. Thank you. You’ve been very ______.
A) ideal
B) cruel
C) glad
D) enough
E) helpful

3. Oh, I’m so happy for Meltem now. She is going out with a nice ______ man she met last week at my birthday party.
A) dull
B) smelly
C) fresh
D) young
E) boring

4. Meltem is going out with a(n) ______ young man
from the office.
A) wide
B) tall
C) alright
D) whole
E) middle

5. Meltem is a natural ______ .
A) yellowhead
B) blackhead
C) redhead
D) brownhead
E) whitehead

6. My brother and his friends were making too much
noise. Daddy got really ______ with them.
A) afraid
B) angry
C) kind
D) strong
E) direct

7. Do you see that ______ man walking with a dog?
He lives next door to us.
A) cold
B) kind
C) deaf
D) blind
E) important

8. We want a big ______ table for our dining-room.
A) round
B) empty
C) rough
D) deep
E) hard

9. The weather is ______ today, but yesterday it was
so terrible and stormy.
A) dirty
B) sad
C) calm
D) lazy
E) broad

10. Would you like to live in a(n) ______ country?
A) brave
B) economic
C) middle
D) social
E) foreign

Answer Key:

1: C
2: E
3: D
4: B
5: C
6: B
7: D
8: A
9: C
10: E

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