Adverbs of Frequency: always/often/never

1. There _________ was a more perfect lady.
2. O, what unutterable horror that remark causes me as _________ as I hear it!
3. It must _________ be remembered, however, that their standards, no matter how unconscious they may have been of the fact, were fundamentally based upon the development of a Christian civilization.
4. I allude to him, not so much on account of his works, for they are standard works, but because he was an active member of your committee, and _________ ready to open his purse for the relief of literary men struggling with difficulties.
5. Many times, have I watched these actions on the part of the owls and crows, and _________ with the same results.
6. _________ in his life had he been so wretched.
7. For this latter pain do not, I pray you, as is so _________ done, have your spine removed by the too ready surgeon.
8. It is generally seen in but one foot at a time, and more _________ in the fore than in the hind feet.
9. But _________ was there a greater mistake.
10. It _________ occurred to her that she might escape.
11. Their work in this expedition will _________ be forgotten.
12. _________ in her life had she seen such a room.
13. To be sure I do; why you are _________ fancying me an atheist.
14. It was possible she would _________ see him again.
15. I’ll _________ forget that first time we introduced ourselves.
16. I _________ saw anything more magnificent in my life.
17. I wish I’d _________ been born.
18. He met me with a look I shall _________ forget.
19. Believe me, I shall _________ forget you.
20. You are _________ making me wake up when I have just dropped off to sleep.

Answer Key:

1. never
2. often
3. always
4. always
5. always
6. Never
7. often
8. often
9. never
10. never
11. never
12. Never
13. always
14. never
15. never
16. never
17. never
18. never
19. never
20. always

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