General Vocabulary Exercise 1




Answer the Following:

Directions: Choose the correct answer.

1. Although he appears to be fluent in English, his sentences are full of grammatical _____.
A) wrongs
B) dangers
C) mistakes
D) duties
E) rules

2. Measles in not _____ a children’s disease.
A) seriously
B) occasionally
C) nearly
D) reluctantly
E) exclusively

3. The new cashier soon _____ himself to be both efficient and trustworthy.
A) proved
B) spoiled
C) exaggerated
D) upheld
E) undermined

4. I didn’t _____ we would be leaving quite so early.
A) consult
B) expect
C) wait
D) ask
E) determine

5. They couldn’t find a house in London at a price they could _____.
A) obtain
B) demand
C) get
D) afford
E) require

6. The tourists were _____ by the poverty they observed in some African countries.
A) upset
B) damaged
C) contented
D) involved
E) included

7. Determined to get into shape for the coming swimming session, Clara exercises _____ every morning.
A) clumsily
B) mournfully
C) reluctantly
D) tolerantly
E) vigorously

8. It is very difficult to work out a monthly budget since the prices keep on _____.
A) reckoning
B) exceeding
C) raising
D) rising
E) expanding

9. I have such a lot of work to do that it is _____ lo try to finish it today.
A) useless
B) sensitive
C) eager
D) exaggerated
E) illegal

10. The company will be employing a mechanic to look after the new _____.
A) situation
B) decision
C) employees
D) institution
E) equipment

11. They are doing research on the _____ of the new drug.
A) expenses
B) effects
C) interests
D) views
E) descriptions

12. Professor Turner’s excellent book will give you a lot of _____ information on the subject.
A) dangerous
B) useless
C) unnecessary
D) valuable
E) limited

13. They advised her not to swim so far out, but she _____ the warning.
A) listened
B) reminded
C) continued
D) regarded
E) ignored

14. For the last two years, John has been _____ his room with his friends.
A) taking
B) staying
C) sharing
D) choosing
E) living

15. “Stop shouting! The neighbours have already _____ about the noise we make.”
A) complained
B) regretted
C) disturbed
D) increased
E) called

16. He says he _____ the same story before.
A) remembers
B) has heard
C) were told
D) had listened
E) have read

17. “He _____ for a moment before he answered.”
A) hesitated
B) slipped
C) arrested
D) spent
E) postponed

18. The doctor _____ me that she would be alright after surgery.
A) guarantee
B) confirms
C) assured
D) granted
E) hoped

19. I have not had the _____ to speak with the new teacher yet.
A) results
B) opportunity
C) ability
D) symptoms
E) chanced

20. The building was _____ quickly after the bomb threat was phoned in to the switchboard.
A) empty
B) completed
C) filled
D) evacuated
E) sentenced

Answer Key:

1:  C
2:  E
3:  A
4:  B
5:  D
6:  A
7:  E
8:  D
9:  A
10:  E
11:  B
12:  D
13:  E
14:  C
15:  A
16:  B
17:  A
18:  C
19:  B
20:  D

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