Complete the sentences with one of the prepositions from the box.

(AT – BY – FOR – IN – ON)

1.  She was _____________ university when she heard about the death of her father.
2.  We usually go on holidays _____________ plane but this year we are going to Italy _____________ car.
3.  Let’s go _____________ a walk. The weather is so great!
4.  The train was travelling _____________ a speed of over 150 km an hour.
5.  She got _____________ the bus at Oxford Street and got off five stops later.
6.  Despite the bad weather all trains are running _____________ time.
7.  Bats are mammals that are highly active _____________ night.
8.  This village isn’t even _____________ the map. It’s so small.
9.  We usually go to dance class ______________ Mondays.
10.  _____________ nightfall over 10 inches of snow had fallen.
11.  Doctors hope that the spread of the virus will slow down _____________ the summer.
12.  Dad always reads his daughter bedtime stories _____________ the evening.
13.  Let’s meet _____________ noon. We can have lunch and sort things out.
14.  The cat was playing with a ball _____________ the corner of Michael’s room.
15.  She has been a member of the committee _____________ 6 years.
16.  What are we having _____________ dinner today?
17.  _____________ average, the unemployment rate has been going up 1 per cent a year.
18.  Take a seat. I’ll be with you _____________ a minute.
19.  We decided to meet _____________ the station.
20.  The boss would like to have the report _____________ the end of the day at the latest.

Answer Key:
1.  at
2.  by, by
3.  for
4.  at
5.  on
6.  on
7.   at
8.   on
9.   on
10.  By
11.  in
12.  in
13.  at
14.  in
15.  for
16.  for
17.  On
18.  in
19.   at
20.  by

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