Subject-Verb Agreement Practice 1




Subject-Verb Agreement Practice

1.  Everyone (has/have) done his or her homework.

2.  Each of the students (is/are) responsible for doing his or her work.

3.  Either my father or my brothers (is/are) going to sell the car.

4.  Neither my sisters nor my mother (is/are) going to sell the house.

5.  The samples on the tray in the lab (need/needs) testing.

6.  Mary and John usually (plays/play) together.

7.  Both of the dogs (has/have) collars.

8.  Neither the dogs nor the cat (is/are) very hungry.

9.  Either the girls or the boy (walk/walks) in the evening.

10.  Either the boy or the girls (walk/walks) in the evening.

11.  At the end of the fall (comes/come) the hard tests.

12.  The slaughter of animals for their fur (has/have) caused controversy.

13.  The student, as well as his teacher, (was/were) going on the field trip.

14.  The hard tests (comes/come) at the end of the fall.

15.  Both of my roommates (has/have) decided to live in the dorms.

Subject-Verb Agreement Answers

1.  has

2.  is

3.  are

4.  is

5.  need

6.  play

7.  have

8.  is

9.  walks

10.  walk

11.  come

12.  has

13.  was

14.  come

15.  have

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